Royale Casino Payout Review

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Internet gambling has taken off, but it’s not all sunshine and roses at an online casino 메이저놀이터. While we do love the convenience and bonuses of gaming sites, there are unpleasant things to deal with as well.

Among those things are slow payments. Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait days, weeks or even months to receive your money. While there are many legitimate reasons why operators may be slow to cash out, the delay in payments is a common tactic of predatory brands.

We have always been dedicated to nourishing and protecting the safety of players in the iGaming industry. One of the ways we achieve this goal is by educating players facing off against the confusing terms and conditions for online casino gambling and cashouts.

In this video, we are going to talk about our most recent quest to examine the complaints of El Royale casino players in regard to slow withdrawal processing. Inspired by the Roaring 20s, the US-friendly RTG site launched in 2020.

Their fancy design, generous promotional offering, and widely available services attracted numerous players across the globe, but it soon became obvious that the brand struggles with timely payments. Before issuing a statement or warning, we wanted to make sure the complaints are founded and we set out to investigate the El Royale payment processing ourselves.

We knew beforehand that the site reserves the right to divide large payments into smaller installments and pay them out according to the player’s current customer level. This in itself is a red flag, but as we found out, the practical application of this rule is even more serious and a true test of patience for any player.

After depositing $1000 worth of BTC, we went on to play slots and video poker games until our balance reached $750 and we decided to cash out. This is where the first sign of trouble started, as the mandatory identity verification procedure took as long as 2 weeks to complete, a combined result of our own mistakes and the casino’s failure to respond and address the issue in due time.

When we were finally able to move past this hurdle and submit the withdrawal request for $750, we were disappointed to receive only $350 without any explanation. Via email, the operator offered a more elaborate explanation: maximum payout amount and approval times are determined by the Customer Level that depends on a range of factors including reputation with El Royale, credit scores, deposit type and frequency, duration and outcome of gaming sessions, adopted payout methods, the frequency of reversing payouts and membership duration.

This unfortunately meant we were forced to submit another withdrawal request to receive the remaining amount of $400. In the end, the whole payment process took 3 weeks, including a drawn-out back-and-forth communication with customer support and several withdrawal requests.

The cash-out times of El Royale are far too long, especially for new customers who have yet to reach higher reputation levels and secure more favorable terms. Even though the incremental payments rule is included in the casino’s T&C, we feel that the delay in payments is a predatory tactic intended to frustrate the player with unreasonably small partial payments and unresponsive support, and possibly provoke them into reversing withdrawals to continue playing and risk losing money.

While El Royale did payout the full amount in the end, we cannot justify the 3 weeks it took to process only $750 and therefore advise players to look elsewhere for a more reputable RTG brand. To keep yourselves updated with any new occurrences such as this, please follow our Casino Warnings & Rogue Reports News section on the lab.

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